The Calendar functionality on the DECISION 168 platform allows users to create and view events, to-dos, and reminders on a calendar. When the user clicks on the “Calendar” option, they will see a calendar view with options for month, week, day, and list. The calendar displays all created events, to-dos, and reminders, as well as an option to create a draggable event.


To create a new event, to-do, or reminder, the user can click on any date or drag a date range on the calendar. A form will appear, and the user can select the type (event, to-do, reminder) and fill in the details. The newly created item will appear on the calendar.

To view a created event, to-do, or reminder, the user can click on it in the calendar. This will display all details of the item, along with options to add a to-do, edit, and delete. Inside to-dos can be added to an event using the “Add To-Do” option, and progress bars for to-dos are also displayed.


The “Draggable Event” option allows the user to create an event that can be dragged from a list and dropped onto a date on the calendar to create a new event with the same details. The user can also check the “Remove After Drop” option to remove the event from the draggable list after it has been dropped onto the calendar.


The “Events” and “To-Dos” sections allow the user to view and edit a list of all created events and to-dos, respectively. The user can click on the title of an event or to-do to view its details and access options to add a to-do, edit, and delete. When a new event or to-do is created, it will also appear on the calendar.