The user dashboard on the Decision 168 platform allows users to manage their portfolio, projects, tasks, and other features of the platform. The header of the dashboard includes options such as “Upgrade”, “Support”, “Full Screen”, “Notification Icon”, and “Profile”.

Clicking on “Upgrade” will redirect the user to pricing packages where they can choose a subscription plan. The “Downgrade” option allows users to switch back to a free account, with a full refund available within 30 days of the subscription. The “Upgrade” option allows users to switch to a different subscription plan, with a prorated charge applied.

The “Support” option redirects the user to the support link for the platform. The “Notification” icon shows notifications for various events, such as project requests, assigned tasks and subtasks, and overdue tasks. The “Profile” option allows the user to access their profile and settings, including options to update their profile and change their password.


The main screen of the dashboard shows the user’s profile and statistics, such as the total number of portfolios, projects, and planned contents. It also displays the user’s incomplete tasks and subtasks, along with an option to view their profile. The “Motivator” section shows a motivational quote and includes a “Submit A Quote” option for users to request to have their quote displayed on the dashboard.


The sidebar on the dashboard displays different options depending on whether a portfolio has been selected. If a portfolio is not selected, the user can select one from the list or create a new one. If a portfolio is selected, the user will see options such as “Dashboard”, “Portfolio”, “Projects”, “Tasks”, “Content Planner”, “Archive”, “Trash”, and “Support”.


 The “My Day” and “My Next 168” sections show the user’s tasks and subtasks for the current day and week, respectively, with an option to view all tasks in each section. The “My Alerts” section shows overdue tasks and subtasks, with an option to view all alerts.