Review functionality in task & subtask

Review functionality is for team members. If team members are working on a project and have tasks then the project owner and manager have to review it. So basically, when a task/subtask is completed by a team member then they will change its status to review. Project owner and manager can review it and approve or deny that task. If approved then its status changed to “Done” otherwise status changed to “In Progress”.

Archive and Reopen functionality

When all your tasks and subtasks are completed and your project is completed too, then you can archive it. Whenever you need to reopen, you can easily reopen it.

Quote functionality

Decision 168 provides a motivator section. If any user wants to display his/her quote on it, then just click on submit a quote option. Fill the form and send a request to Admin, when admin approves your quote then it will appear on the motivator section rotationaly.