You can now collaborate with your team, delegate tasks, increase productivity, manage accountability, and so much more – all from one convenient place.  The DECISION 168 Productivity and Management platform allows you to Visualize. Plan. Implement…Repeat. The platform will allow you to create strategies, assign roles and responsibilities, track project related activities to follow schedules and meet deadlines with complete transparency.

Now you can reclaim lost time and focus on what’s important for you to build an innovative business, make informed decisions, and manage scalability.

Because not all businesses are created equal, we’ve designed the Decision 168 platform to be easily adoptable for individuals, solopreneurs, small teams, and enterprises.  The front is end easy to use yet the functionality is robust – and new features are added regularly.


Portfolios are an easy-to-understand way to manage your teams, projects, and tasks without the clutter – keeping things for everyone on the team clean and productive.

When creating a Portfolio, you can select from a list of standard departments or areas that are relevant to you or create custom ones.  The standard departments/areas will have pre-built project templates added so that you can customize tasks based on your specific needs.  Additionally, these areas will allow for detailed reporting, file management, and searchability down the road:

  • Admin / Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Other

Portfolio Dashboard Indicates:

For the creator :

    • Number of projects
    • Number of tasks
    • Member addition & management
    • Edit, Archive, or Delete
    • Portfolio Profile
      • Contact Person
      • E-mail Address
      • Website
      • Country
      • Social Media Links

For the  team members :

    • Number of projects
    • Number of tasks
    • Members
    • Portfolio Profile
      • Contact Person
      • E-mail Address
      • Website
      • Country
      • Social Media Links

Goals & Strategies: Align Company & Team Goals

Measure what is intended to be measured to help inform better decision making. Like KPIs, the Goals and Strategies allow to plan, implement, and track the progress of projects and related tasks towards intended results over a given period. G&S aligns the tangible activities required in an organizational structure: Vision, Strategy, Objectives, Critical Success Factors, KPIs, Actions – Doing so allows you to focus on what matters most, and to monitor your organizational progress from multiple views.

  • Identify long or short-term goals
  • Plan targeted start and completion date range
  • Assign Departments & Teams
  • Organizational Reporting of Analytics



Projects live under and within Portfolios

The ease of navigation and percentage-based tracking of projects and individual team members allows for transparent accountability. Areas of where a team member may be stuck, or assistance is needed is easily identifiable and are able to be communicated quickly to keep complex projects moving forward.


Start & Due Date

Assigned to

From the Users Perspective: Case Studies


Project Manager:

Team Member:

Case Study: IT Company

Create Portfolio > Add Team > Identify Goals > Create Projects > Assign Tasks

Company Executive

  • signs up for Decision 168
  • adds team members
  • identify goals & strategies
  • create projects
  • assign project manager
  • assign tasks

Comapnyteam Member

  • receives portfolio invitation notification
  • creates account & profile
  • receives project invite
  • receives task notifications
  • views assigned projects & tasks from the dashboard.