• Clicked on Portfolio :

User can see all portfolio list(if any) and create new option.

  • Create New :

Here user can see two types Company and Individual. Select any one type and fill all the mandatory fields and save it.

  • Portfolio View :

After clicking on any portfolio from list or By creating a portfolio, it will redirect you on portfolio view page.

Here user can see all details of portfolio with options like  Add Project, Add Member, Members and More.

(All options visible to Portfolio Owner but Only add project option is visible to Team Member) .


  • Total no of portfolio’s project is displayed. Clicked on projects it will redirect to all projects of that portfolio.

Planned Content:

  • Total no of portfolio’s planned content is displayed. Clicked on planned content it will redirect to all planned content of that portfolio.


  • Total no of portfolio’s tasks is displayed. Clicked on tasks it will redirect to all tasks of that portfolio.

Add Project:

  • Fill the Required field and create Project.

Add Member:

  • Click on Add Member, Enter the mail id of the member whom you want to invite and add it portfolio.
  • Once added successfully, a request will send on that mail id, if that member accepted request then that member is added in portfolio team.


  • Displays list of all accepted portfolio members with status.
  • Active Status : Member working status is active. Clicked on button it shows alert that you want to Inactive member. If that member have any open projects, tasks, planned content then it will show a popup to assign someone and then Inactive member.
  • Inactive Status : Member working status is inactive. Clicked on button it shows alert that you want to Active member and then active member.


  • Edit : Owner Can Edit Details of Portfolio.
  • Archive : Owner can archive portfolio only when all tasks and subtasks are completed.
  • Delete : Owner can delete portfolio.
  • Restore Portfolio : Go to dashboard and then click portfolios option on main screen. Then go to list view of portfolios, restore button is visible next to deleted portfolio and by clicking on button portfolio will restored.

( If user do not restore data within 30 days of deleted date, then data will be deleted permanently!)