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What’s Coming Next

Document Builder :

Document is one of the important assets in business and other fields too. So this feature allows you to create various types of documents. For examples: Resume, Letter, Proposal, Contract, etc. It helps users to create documents according to rules or guidelines. Users can produce documents by choosing appropriate templates. This feature also allows users to produce several copies of the same document which can then be printed.

Bookmark Manager :

Bookmark manager feature allows users to save and organize websites so users can refer later on. This feature allows users to save bookmark links, create and manage collections of links, and quickly open all the links. Bookmark manager is also a way to boost your productivity.

Notes :

Note taking feature allows users to take down notes or thoughts in a text format. Note taking features provide an easily accessible space for users to quickly write down their thoughts, plans, or other information. These features allow users to focus on the key information they need to remember. It allows users to create, manage and store multiple notes.