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Our team is dedicated to ensuring that DECISION 168’s vision is realized by working around the clock, across multiple time zones, to implement, test, and release new features and bug fixes.

  • Reporting
  • File Cabinet
  • Calendar Meeting 

Currently Available in Beta

Beta features can be helpful in increasing productivity and collaboration with your team. They allow you to prioritize tasks and work more efficiently. However, please keep in mind that some features may have limitations or may not be fully functional as they are still in the testing phase.

Recent Releases

  • Goals 
  • Strategies
  • Archive
  • Calendar inside todo
  • Calendar
  • Deactivate account
  • Birthday mail  
  • Calendar filter in task and subtask
  • Membership request
  • Subtask comment
  • Task Comment
  • Inactive/Active portfolio member
  • Payment gateway











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