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Intely: Impacting Digital Health
A sit down with Daniel Pluard, the CEO of intely - Florida based Digital Health Start up that's already making waves with their platform to automate workflows and integrate data for improved interoperability.
Daniel Pluard with Decision168

"...at the end of the day, isn't the goal of technology to make life a little less complicated..."
- Dan Pluard

Intely: Impacting Digital Health

Intely is a Florida-based company that is looking to revolutionize how the world approaches digital health. Having worked in healthcare for many years, the founders realized that there is a huge gap in workflows and data integration due to antiquated technology and architecture.

This led to the birth of intely – a no code/low code platform that handles the heavy lifting and complexities of data integration and workflow automation – allowing for improved interoperability.


Intely’s mission is to eliminate the barriers to entry into the healthcare domain and accelerate the digitization of healthcare.


Let’s meet the decision maker of intely, CEO, Daniel Pluard. His colleagues call him “Dan the Man”.

Dan is a pragmatic, product-focused, and client-centric leader who has initiated positive change and growth for intely in the digital health and technology space. His hands-on approach with an empathetic perspective cultivates and aligns the team with a growth mindset. His relentless dedication and always-learning attitude enable him to lead by example.

We asked him a few questions.

What brought you to intely?

“After dealing with the frustrations of healthcare data integration and architecture for a number of years, I realized that there wasn’t technology available to simplify the complex workflows. It seemed that the digital health space was missing the data conduit needed for interoperability.

Instead of going at it on my own, I was introduced to a group of like-minded individuals who are also interested in developing a solution to this problem. We just gelled together naturally.”

What is your role at intely? Would you consider yourself a decision-maker?

“Though I’ve been working with intely since its inception, I was announced as CEO in November of 2021. As a start-up, I wear many hats, and yes, definitely, I consider myself a decision-maker.

That said, our team has been working on developing a product for quite some time. It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Intely is definitely our baby. Everything continues to align – we have a passionate and dedicated team, so it’s been fun to go out and bring our ideas to fruition.”

What is your vision for intely?

“We want to empower users through technology to close the gap in healthcare data workflows. Products are generally only remembered when they improve or simplify a user’s life. My vision for intely is to create a platform that automates workflows and improves interoperability, end-to-end.”

Since intely is an early adopter of the Decision 168 Platform, how has it affected the way your team works?

“Decision 168 has been a catalyst in driving collaboration and productivity for intely. Managing cross-functional efforts and teams is always difficult. With Decision 168, I have more visibility and a central location for the entire company’s initiatives. As a start-up founder, I cannot think of a more important solution to put in place for your team.”

Industry Background

Dan has led several healthcare applications through complete product lifecycles – from initial value proposition to successful commercialization. He dedicates himself to conquering challenging problems in the healthcare domain and delivering products that provide valuable solutions to users. He understands the importance of gaining customer insight and creating a feedback loop to iterate and grow products.

The Culture

No matter where you stand in the organizational ladder, you won’t be treated any differently at intely. They have a culture that is casual, fun, and generative. The staff’s opinion matters the same as the executives. Every voice matters.

Intely’s Guiding Principles

  • Build Trust – The speed of trust is key to successful companies.
  • Inspire Innovatively – Do the hard things, the easy ones are already done.
  • Lightning Speed, High Quality – Never sacrifice quality for speed, never sacrifice speed for quality!
  • Take Ownership – If you can fix it, do it.
  • The 2 R’s – Relationships and results are the keys to success.
  • One Team, One Mission – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Thirst for Knowledge – Have a learn it all attitude, not a know-it-all attitude.
  • Be Limitless – Find your limits, break them, and then do it again.


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Product Offerings

Interfaces are the connective tissue that enables an organization or product to be interoperable. In today’s healthcare environment, the strength of the connective tissue can be a competitive advantage.

Intely is a HIPAA Compliant no-code interoperability platform specifically built for healthcare. With a single point of integration and a platform to automate workflows, Intely enables you to deploy, scale, and drive complex integrations and workflows for your product or organization.

The intely Platform:Connect

The Problem
Companies selling a technology or software product in the Healthcare space frequently require integrations with a medical system of record (EMR/EHR). This can require integrating multiple disparate systems with different connections and endpoints. Although there are a standard set of HL7 FHIR API resources, the connections and workflows remain mostly non-standard. Additionally, there is no standardized guide on how to integrate with a healthcare system of record. This requires vendors to set up robust, costly, and time-consuming integration channels to connect to different endpoints for each resource and system of record.

The Solution
Connect is designed to handle overly complex healthcare data integration and interoperability functions in the background while presenting a clean, easy, and repeatable experience and implementation for users across the healthcare domain.

The intely Platform: Forms

The Problem
Healthcare technology applications that cannot engage with patients or integrate with existing systems, cannot keep up with the speed of change in the industry. Unfortunately, this problem has persisted for far too long in the healthcare industry. This leads to significant challenges in improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and enhancing patients’ experience. Fortunately, the solution is here.

The Solution
Integrating communication and data collection brings patients closer to the treatment they need allowing organizations and providers to focus on critical healthcare activities. Forms is a user-friendly online form builder that enables healthcare organizations to create engaging digital forms without code. Healthcare professionals can connect, automate, and integrate engagement workflows with ease using our no-code forms.

Our closing thoughts…

As we all may be well aware, the digital health industry is constantly growing and developing. intely is always looking for new ways to provide the best possible service to its clients. With the state-of-the-art products they offer, intely has made quite a huge impact in the world of digital health. They may be a small startup, but with the culture they have, they can definitely make it to the top.

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