Organize Your Documents With a Digital Paperless File Cabinet


Decision168 platform

Your Go-To Files Hub for Completed Tasks and Projects

Effortlessly manage your completed tasks and projects in a digital filing system. Streamline your workflow and stay organized with easy access to your work history.

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Document Storage

The File Cabinet feature in Decision 168 provides a virtual space to store finished tasks, projects, and other relevant items, akin to filing important papers in a physical drawer.

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Departmental Sorting

Within the File Cabinet, different departments are represented, each with its own section. This structure allows for the segregation of documents based on their respective departments, such as Software Development, Operations, Sales, and more.

1 3 Min

Folder-based Arrangement

Each department contains folders such as Goals, KPIs, Projects, Tasks, and Subtasks, which act as separate drawers for various types of documents. This folder hierarchy aids in maintaining a well-organized repository.

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Recent Files


The File Cabinet also features a section displaying recent files that have been filed, ensuring easy access to recently handled documents without the need for extensive searching.

Simplicity & Categorization

The File Cabinet feature within Decision 168 provides a straightforward and efficient method for managing tasks and projects.


  • Users can easily manage their tasks and projects within Decision 168 due to the File Cabinet’s straightforward design.
  • The feature allows for efficient categorization of tasks and projects, enhancing organization and accessibility.
  • By offering a streamlined method for task and project management, the File Cabinet feature contributes to improved productivity.
  • The feature’s simplicity and categorization capabilities facilitate better workflow management within Decision 168.
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