Optimizing Your Strategy with Goals & Strategies


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The Goals & Strategies feature offers a user-friendly interface to simplify goal management. It provides tools to organize, track, and achieve objectives effectively, promoting clarity and focus in your work.

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Organize Goals

Use the Goals & Strategies feature to effortlessly organize your objectives. View them in a list or grid format based on your preference, making it easier to manage and track your goals effectively.

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Create new goals with ease by simply clicking the ‘Create New’ button. Enter the details such as the objective, department, assigned manager, duration, and description, then save and proceed to set your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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 Sort Your Goals

Utilize the sorting options such as ‘All’, ‘Created Goals’, ‘Accepted Goals’, ‘Pending Requests’, and ‘More Info Requests’ to quickly find and focus on specific goals, streamlining your workflow and decision-making process.

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Use the search function to quickly locate specific goals by using the search bar. This feature saves time and enhances productivity by instantly retrieving the relevant information you need for decision-making and progress tracking.

Improved Productivity

This feature empowers users to stay focused on objectives, leading to better resource utilization and improved outcomes.


  • The streamlined nature of goal management processes allows for quick access to key data, enhancing productivity and efficiency in achieving goals.
  • Users can stay focused on their objectives, leading to more effective utilization of resources and improved outcomes.
  • Expedited access to key data empowers users to enhance their productivity, as they can make informed decisions and take swift actions towards their goals.
  • The efficient goal management system enables better resource allocation, ensuring that resources are used optimally to achieve desired outcomes.
1 2 Min

Flexible KPI


Set your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and describe them according to your requirements. Add multiple KPIs for the same goal by using the ‘add more KPI’ button, ensuring comprehensive tracking of your progress and performance.

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