Maximize Your Work Efficiency with Our Portfolio Workspaces


Decision168 platform

Step Up your project management game with Decision 168’s Portfolio Workspaces

Effortlessly organize and manage all your work-related tasks, projects, and team members in one place with Decision 168’s Portfolio.

1 3 Min

Insightful Overview

The Portfolio Workspace provides a comprehensive overview of your work-related activities, including the number of projects, planned content, and tasks you have in progress. It serves as a quick summary of your workload and progress.

1 3 Min

Project Creation

The feature allows you to effortlessly create new projects by clicking the “Add Project” button. You can input essential details such as project name, description, and department affiliation, ensuring efficient organization and categorization of your work.

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Comprehensive Information

Scrolling down the Portfolio page reveals additional vital information, including portfolio creator details, type of portfolio, contact information, company website, location, and social media links.

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Team Management

You can easily manage your team within the Portfolio Workspace by viewing the number of people involved and accessing detailed profiles by clicking on their pictures.

Assign & 

Organize Projects

Efficiently structure your workspace for enhanced project oversight and productivity.


  • Assign projects to specific portfolios within the Portfolio Workspace for categorization.
  • Allocate project managers to oversee the assigned projects, ensuring accountability and efficient management.
  • This structured approach ensures that projects are appropriately managed and organized within your workspace, enhancing efficiency and clarity of responsibilities.
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