Stay On Top of Your Things with Our All-in-One Calendar


Decision168 platform

Optimize Productivity through the strategic use of All-in-One Calendar

Effortlessly organize your day, from to-dos to important events and meetings, all in one place.

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Utilize the “Create New” option to list tasks or activities you need to complete. Assign priority levels (high, medium, low) to prioritize your tasks effectively. Set reminders to stay on track and manage your time efficiently.

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Easily add important dates and activities to your calendar, customize them with titles, colours, notes, and reminders, and attach to-dos and images for detailed planning.

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Schedule upcoming meetings by specifying details, inviting team members and guests, setting the agenda, and copying the meeting link for flexible use within or outside the platform.

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Event Filters

Filter your events based on specific criteria such as today, tomorrow, this week, or overdue. This functionality allows you to focus on current and upcoming events, ensuring that nothing important slips through the cracks.

Organize Efficiently



The Calendar feature provides efficient organization by consolidating to-dos, events, and meetings in one place. Users can prioritize tasks, set reminders for important events, schedule and coordinate meetings, and stay motivated with daily quotes.


  • The event filtering option helps you focus on immediate tasks by sorting and organizing your calendar based on priority or type of event.
  • This centralized approach enhances productivity and time management by providing a single location to view and manage all events.
  • By enabling effective task completion and improved efficiency, the event filtering option ensures that you can optimize your time and prioritize tasks effectively.
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