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Decision168 platform

Engage with Experts, Elevate Your Business

Connect with industry leaders and decision-makers for personalized advice and consultations. Explore profiles, book video calls, and manage your interactions effortlessly.

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Decision Maker Profile

Each decision maker has a detailed profile showcasing their name, company, and hourly rates for their expertise, allowing users to evaluate and select the most suitable expert for their needs.

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Booking Video Calls

Users can book video calls with decision makers for varying durations, from a quick 15-minute call to an extensive 90-minute premium call, enabling flexible and personalized interactions based on their requirements.

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Easy Scheduling

The feature facilitates easy scheduling by allowing users to select preferred dates and times based on their time zone, streamlining the process of arranging consultations with decision-makers.

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Users can track their interactions with decision-makers through the “Your Calls” section, which provides a comprehensive overview of past calls, including duration, dates, and details. Additionally, they can download this information in Excel or PDF.

Access to Expertise

The Community feature connects users with diverse entrepreneurs and experts, offering valuable insights for business growth and success.


  • Users can tap into a wide range of entrepreneurial and business expertise through the Community feature.
  • The feature provides users with valuable advice that can positively impact their businesses.
  • Users gain access to insightful inputs from entrepreneurs and business experts, enriching their decision-making processes.
  • The Community feature’s insights and advice can have a positive impact on business strategies and outcomes.
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