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Decision168 platform

Your Everyday Digital Content Planning Center

This feature offers a user-friendly interface to manage all your content tasks, from creation to publication, ensuring efficient teamwork and strategic planning without the hassle.

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Organized Content

The Content Planner provides a structured framework for organizing your content, making it easy to categorize, access, and manage. By having a centralized system for all your content, you can streamline workflows and reduce the risk of overlooking important details.

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New Content

To add new content, simply click on the ‘Create New’ button. Here, you can input various details such as the publish date, title, description, department, portfolio, project manager, and team members. This comprehensive input process ensures that your content plan is detailed and well-organized from the outset.

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Assigning Task

The Content Planner allows you to assign tasks related to content creation and management. You can designate responsibilities for tasks such as creating written content, managing media files, obtaining approvals, and scheduling content publication. If you’re dealing with multiple platforms, you can use the ‘Add More Content’ feature to cover them all efficiently.

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Content Management 

It helps you to access detailed information such as its title, description, creation date, publish date, and creator. If you are the assigned writer, you can edit the content directly within the Content Planner. Additionally, you can easily find any attached links, comments, or documents associated with the content, streamlining your content management process.

Enhanced Planning

This feature helps you to plan your content ahead effectively. It focuses on managing due dates and even giving alerts.


  • Enables the scheduling of content publication dates for effective time management and strategic content release.
  • Tracks content creation progress, ensuring timely completion of tasks and providing insights for project management.
  • Allows for effective long-term planning, aligning content with marketing strategies and ensuring consistent delivery.
  • Ensures published content aligns with broader marketing goals for consistency and strategy coherence, improving overall campaign effectiveness.
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