Prioritize instantly with Decision168 Project Dashboards


Decision168 platform

Achieve Impactful outcomes using project dashboards within Decision168.

Decision 168’s dashboard consolidates essential elements for team success, including plans, progress tracking, deadlines, upcoming tasks and more, into a single, convenient location.

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It gives a quick overview of your schedule and tasks, helping you stay organized and focused. It displays upcoming events, tasks, and reminders in a simple format to prioritize your day efficiently, boosting productivity.

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My Notes

 It lets you jot down ideas, reminders, and important information so you don’t forget crucial details. It offers a convenient way to capture thoughts on the go, keeping your thoughts organized and easily accessible.

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My Next 168

It provides a week-long perspective, helping you plan ahead and manage your time effectively. It gives a comprehensive view of your upcoming week, including events, tasks, and deadlines, allowing you to allocate time wisely.

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My Alerts

“My Alerts” feature keeps you updated on new requests and overdue tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With timely notifications, you can address issues promptly, enhancing your productivity and client satisfaction.


User Experience

Enhance your user experience by upgrading your plan to access additional features that enrich your workflow. Our pricing packages are designed to cater to a range of needs, from individual users to large enterprises.


  • Solo: Perfect for individual users who need basic features at an affordable price.
  • Professional: Ideal for small teams looking to collaborate and grow with additional features.
  • Business: Tailored for larger organisations requiring advanced tools and support for their operations.
  • Enterprise: Customizable solutions designed for enterprises with specific needs and extensive requirements.
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By streamlining access to critical information and providing tools for customization, real-time updates, and decision-making support, the Dashboard ultimately enhances your productivity.

It helps you stay organized, focused, and proactive, allowing you to accomplish more in less time and with greater efficiency.

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