Track Your Progress With 
Personalized Report


Decision168 platform

Visualize, Act, Succeed

Effortlessly track and visualize your progress with our Report feature. From generating custom reports to analyzing detailed breakdowns, stay informed and in control of your work.

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 Personal Access

The “My Report” tab serves as your personalized space within the current portfolio, where you can conveniently monitor all your activities and progress.

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Custom Reports

You can create custom reports tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that you focus on the most relevant information.

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Customizing Content

You have the flexibility to choose the content of your report from a variety of options, enabling you to create reports that suit your needs.

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Downloading Reports

You can download them in either PDF or PPT format, providing you with a convenient way to share or archive your reports.

Visualize Tasks

Viewing your work data can provide valuable insights into your productivity and workload distribution.


  • “My Work” section provides visual representations such as column charts, offering a quick and clear overview of your work distribution across months.
  • Additional charts in this section illustrate departmental work breakdowns, allowing you to see how your tasks contribute to different areas of your organization.
  • The section also includes charts depicting portfolio distribution, helping you understand how your tasks align with broader project or business objectives.
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