Better way to Note-Taking with a single paperless platform


Decision168 platform

Discover the Notes Feature: Elevate Your Note-Taking Experience

Notes are a place where you can effortlessly capture, organize, and manage your thoughts. Experience a user-friendly interface designed to enhance your note-taking journey with ease and efficiency.

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 Efficient Organization

The tasks feature presents notes in a well-structured list view, ensuring easy access and navigation, streamlining your note-taking experience.

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Note Creation

You can effortlessly create and edit notes using familiar text-editing tools akin to a word processor, simplifying the process of capturing your thoughts and ideas.

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The icon to create new notes allows for the quick creation, while the sidebar ensures all your notes are automatically saved, providing a worry-free note-taking experience.

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Collaborative Capabilities

You can access a range of useful icons, including the ability to view and manage members associated with the note, facilitating seamless collaboration and sharing.

Enhanced Flexibility



Manage your notes by creating new ones, duplicating and even sharing them among your team members.


  • Easily create variations or iterations of notes without altering the original content, allowing for seamless experimentation and development of ideas.
  • Effortlessly delete or create new notes for a flexible note management experience, ensuring your note-taking process adapts to your evolving needs.
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