Boost your Productivity With Powerful Project Management


Decision168 platform

Simplifying Project Management Enhancing Productivity

Experience seamless project organization and collaboration with our Projects feature. From creating new projects to managing existing ones, this tool provides a user-friendly interface to keep your team organized and productive.

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Setup Projects

The Projects feature offers various categories like ‘All’, ‘Created’, ‘Accepted’, ‘Pending’, ‘More Info Requests’, ‘Regular Projects’, and ‘Goal Projects’ to help you organize your projects effectively.

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Managing Project

 For existing projects, you can view creation details, edit project details, add tasks, and create project-specific content, ensuring flexibility in managing ongoing projects.

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Project Actions

The feature provides icons for duplicating, filing, or deleting projects, along with a history button to track changes, offering comprehensive control over project actions and history tracking.

Collaborative Tools

The project management platform offers an integrated communication and collaboration system.


  • The comment section within each project allows for seamless communication with the team, including the ability to tag specific members for targeted messages.
  • A dropdown menu facilitates easy access to project members and their status, streamlining team coordination and collaboration.
  • Attached project files are conveniently located further down the page, ensuring easy access to all project resources from a centralized location.
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Streamlined Project Management

The Projects feature streamlines project management by providing a centralized platform for creating, organizing, and managing projects.

It offers tools for efficient collaboration, task tracking, and document management, enhancing productivity and project oversight.

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