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Best Work Management Software - Decision 168

"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best."
- W. Edwards Deming

A perfect work-life balance and effective project management are essential for success. Work management software provides organizations with a centralized platform to plan, track, and collaborate on projects.

Decision 168 is a comprehensive project management software that offers a wide range of features to streamline project workflows and enhance team collaboration. In this article, we will explore Decision 168’s key features and discuss why it is considered one of the best work management software options available.


Decision 168’s dashboard serves as the central hub for users to access various features and functionalities. Upon logging in, users are greeted with a user-friendly dashboard that provides quick access to essential options.

These options include upgrading the software, accessing support, toggling to full-screen mode, checking notifications, and managing the user profile. By placing these options conveniently in the dashboard, Decision 168 ensures that users can navigate the software effortlessly and access important functions without any hassle.


Decision 168 provides a thorough overview of projects and activities in the Portfolio section. Within the Portfolio area, users have a range of options to pick from, such as the Dashboard, Portfolio, Projects, Tasks, Content Planner, Archive, and Trash.

Users can effectively organise and manage their tasks thanks to this. Teams may more easily communicate and monitor progress by using the Portfolio feature, which offers an organised and clear perspective of ongoing projects.


The Calendar component of Decision 168 is a useful tool for planning and managing work. Users have access to a calendar with choices for the list, weekly, daily, and monthly views. Users may easily add events, make reminders, and manage to-do items with the calendar’s drag-and-drop capabilities.

Additionally, it gives users a platform to add new events and browse previously existing ones. Users may efficiently manage their time, maintain organisation, and make sure that project deadlines and milestones are reached with the help of Decision 168’s Calendar feature.


The To-do section in Decision 168 serves as a centralized hub for managing tasks. It offers a list view of all previously generated to-dos, allowing users to have a clear overview of pending tasks.

Users can create new to-do items, edit existing ones, and delete completed tasks. The To-do section streamlines task management and ensures that team members stay on top of their assigned responsibilities. With this feature, Decision 168 helps enhance productivity and keep projects on track.

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The Project section in Decision 168 enables users to create, organize, and manage projects efficiently. Users can create new projects within their chosen portfolio and access a full project list for easy reference.

Additionally, Decision 168 provides options to duplicate, archive, remove, and modify projects, offering flexibility and control over project management. This feature empowers users to oversee project progress, allocate resources effectively, and drive successful project completion.

Goals & Strategies

Users may establish and track project goals in Decision 168’s Goals and Strategies section. For their selected portfolios, users may examine goal lists and set new objectives. This function offers a simple interface for adding, archiving, and removing objectives.

Additionally, users have access to goal histories, which gives them important insights into the development over time. The Goals and Strategies component in Decision 168 encourages strategic planning, ensuring that projects are in line with business goals and enhancing decision-making.


Decision 168 offers a comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) feature that enables users to track project performance and measure success against predefined metrics. The KPI overview provides a consolidated view of all created KPIs associated with goals.

Users can click on individual KPI sections to access detailed information such as progress bars, short descriptions, preview icons, and projects associated with each KPI.

This feature allows users to edit, add projects, duplicate, archive, and delete KPIs. Decision 168’s KPIs feature empowers organizations to monitor project performance effectively and make data-driven decisions.

File Cabinet

The File Cabinet function of Decision 168 offers a central spot for managing and organising files. Users may get rid of clutter and have a well-organized file system by switching to digital.

Users may simply store and access project-related files, documents, and resources using the File Cabinet. This feature guarantees simple information retrieval, improves team member communication, and encourages a more effective workflow.

Where Does Decision 168 Help?


Decision 168 provides a specific marketing function that enables businesses to build a solid relationship with their audience and obtain insightful marketing data. Users may schedule social media postings with this function, assuring regular and timely connection with their target audience.

Assigning roles and tasks among the marketing team is another feature of Decision 168 that streamlines communication and boosts productivity. Decision 168’s marketing function gives businesses the resources they need to advertise their goods and services successfully and spur expansion.

Professional Services

For service-based organizations, Decision 168 provides a professional services feature that facilitates efficient resource management and billing. Users can manage their resources effectively, ensuring that the right people are allocated to the right projects based on priority.

Additionally, the software enables users to track billable hours accurately, ensuring accurate invoicing and client satisfaction. Decision 168’s professional services feature enhances operational efficiency and helps organizations deliver exceptional services to their clients.

Project Management

Decision 168’s core strength lies in its robust project management capabilities. The software provides a comprehensive suite of tools to gain complete insight into all project components and foster collaboration among team members.

With features such as risk planning, task assignment, and project archiving, Decision 168 empowers organizations to effectively manage projects from inception to completion. By centralizing project management activities, Decision 168 eliminates communication gaps, reduces duplication of efforts, and ensures project success.

Task Management

Efficient task management is crucial for project success, and Decision 168 excels in this aspect. The software offers an intuitive interface to manage the progress of tasks seamlessly. Users can check their calendars, view ongoing projects, and track task statuses such as in progress, under review, approved, denied, or needing a redo.

Decision 168’s task management feature enables teams to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and meet project deadlines effectively. By providing transparency and real-time updates, Decision 168 ensures that team members are aligned and working towards a common goal.

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How Is Decision 168 Beneficial For You?

Decision 168, as a powerful project management software, can bring several benefits to individuals and organizations alike. Whether you are a project manager, a team member, or a business owner, leveraging Decision 168 can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your project workflows.

For project managers, Decision 168 offers a centralized platform to plan, track, and monitor projects effectively. The software provides features such as project creation, task assignment, and progress tracking, allowing project managers to have a clear overview of project status and identify any bottlenecks or delays.

Decision 168’s intuitive interface and calendar integration enable team members to manage their schedules, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines effectively. By providing transparency and visibility into project progress, Decision 168 ensures that team members stay aligned, work cohesively, and deliver high-quality results.

For business owners, Decision 168 offers valuable insights into project performance and resource utilization. The software’s KPI feature allows business owners to track key metrics, measure project success, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Decision 168’s professional services feature enables efficient management of resources, ensuring optimal utilization and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the marketing feature in Decision 168 empowers business owners to establish a strong online presence, engage with their target audience, and drive business growth.


In conclusion, Decision 168 stands out as one of the best project management software options available due to its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface.

With its intuitive dashboard, efficient portfolio management, robust calendar, streamlined task and project management, and powerful features like goals and strategies, KPIs, and file cabinet, Decision 168 equips organizations with the tools they need to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects.

Whether it’s marketing, professional services, or general project management, Decision 168 offers a versatile platform that enhances collaboration, improves productivity, and drives project success.

Decision 168 streamlines project management with its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, enabling efficient planning, collaboration, and progress tracking. From task assignment and milestone tracking to resource allocation and real-time reporting, Decision 168 empowers teams to optimize project workflows and achieve successful outcomes.














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